Our hens go outside.

Turns out that’s kind of a big deal.

Unlike cage-free birds that never leave the barn, our free range hens spend their days outdoors: foraging on pasture, perching, playing and flapping their wings in that adorable chicken-y way.

Beyond cage-free: what is free range?

Let’s just say the hens have found their happy place.

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Find out why our eggs are brown

Hint: it has nothing to do with all that time our girls spend in the sun.

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See the girls in their natural habitat

More about the fascinating behavior of truly free-range hens.

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The happy egg co. is bringing humanely-raised eggs to everyone.

Cyd Szymanski, third generation chicken farmer & eggs-pert at the happy egg co.

And we are committed to clarity and honesty with our customers because we know how confusing egg packaging can be.

Sometimes cage-free cartons show pictures of hens on grass even though those birds live their whole lives inside. Meanwhile, cartons of eggs from caged chickens don’t say anything about living conditions. And why would they? Battery cages aren’t very nice, to say the least. But our free range hens play in the sunshine and chicken-out to their hearts’ content. At the happy egg co., you can be assured that you’re buying eggs from truly happy hens that aren’t cooped up all day.

Our girls give us so much. It’s only right that we treat them well.

We believe that farms should cater to their wild instincts—like flying, perching and pecking on green pasture. It makes happy birds. And happy birds makes delicious eggs, with the nutritious, golden yolks that nature intended. Our farms let hens be hens, because we believe that when they live better, they lay better eggs.

We are famous!

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A Taste of NY: Happy Egg Company Free Range Omelet Recipe

Happy birds make delicious eggs, with the nutritious, golden yolks that nature intended. The happy egg co. farms let hens be hens, because the happy egg co. believes that when they live better, they lay better eggs.


Perishable News: the happy egg co. Free Range On Pasture Eggs Now Available At The Fresh Market

Continuing its mission to make high quality, Free Range on pasture eggs accessible across the U.S., the happy egg co. announced today it will once again expand its distribution network with the addition of The Fresh Market grocery chain.


Egg Industry: Egg Producer Looking for Big Growth in Enhanced Welfare Category

the happy egg co. lands the cover of the February issue of Egg Industry. Read more about our growth as a company and the impending implementation of Proposition 2 in California.

Meet the goddesses of grub

The Grub Gals demonstrate the proper way to poach an egg, teach us not to fear a souffle and give deviled eggs a makeover. Read on for a bevy of signature recipes from these award-winning chefs.

The egg-tionary

Shopping in the egg aisle has never been more confusing. Cage-free, free range, organic, farm fresh: what do they all mean? Read on to find out.

Free range fun for everyone

Click on through for a generous serving of egg jokes and more. Download our Free Ranger app and roam around the virtual farm, or even make your own board game.

What makes our hens happy?

Acres of green pasture, trees and play structures for perching. Plus a place to roll around in the dust.