• Happy Egg free range - the taste of freedom

    Our delicious, brown-shelled eggs are always from free to roam hens raised on Happy Egg free range farms. We never use antibiotics or hormones, and we give our hens a vegetarian feed to complement their pasture-foraged diet. Be sure to pick up a package today at one of our many locations.

    Sizes available: 6 and 12
  • Happy Egg Organic

    Limited distribution – contact us to find a store near you

    Our organic brown-shelled eggs come from hens given an organic feed free from antibiotics, hormones and always complemented by their pasture-foraged diet. Our organic eggs are always from free range hens that spend their days roaming outdoors on grass.

    Sizes available: 12 and 18

Meet the Happy Egg Co. Hens

...though it's more like "flap." Have you ever seen a chicken fly across the sky? Of course you haven't. But our hens do love to flap their wings and even get a few feet off the ground now and then. And with an average wingspan of 30", they make good use of the 21.8 square feet per hen that we give them.

We like to joke about our hens being descended from dinosaurs, but their more recent ancestor is the Red Junglefowl. And our hens seem to be aware of this, because they love to pretend our farms are in the jungle, perching on everything they can find. We provide trees and shaded play structures, but we draw the line at vines.

A hen that gets to poke her little beak into the grass all day, searching the pasture for bugs? That's a happy hen. And it's also a healthy hen: the nutrients in these "appetizing" treats, plus their "grass salad" is what gives our yolks that lovely deep golden color.

When it's time to get clean, our hens have a rather unorthodox method: they roll around in the dirt. But it actually keeps their feathers shiny and their skin healthy, so we make sure they always have access to sand pits.