Hens aren’t the only ones who like to play.

Kids do, too. On this page, they (and you) can do just that.

Play Free Ranger on your phone

Play Free Ranger on your phone

Help the girls get back to the barn at night.

Help the girls get back to the barn at night.

Science is cool! Chickens are dinosaurs!

It’s true. Chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Our farmers claim they aren’t afraid of the hens, but we’re not so sure.

Yolk’s on you.

Crack yourself up with these egg jokes!

What is it called when two chickens don’t like each other?


What’s a hen’s favorite place to drink lemonade?

The front perch.

What did the hen say when she lost at cards?

Looks like my cluck ran out!

What do you call a conceited chicken?

An eggomaniac!

Why did the chicken get hungry at the library?

Because of all the bookworms!

How much does the chicken study for the math test?

None – she wings it.

Meet the goddesses of grub

The Grub Gals demonstrate the proper way to poach an egg, teach us not to fear a souffle and give deviled eggs a makeover. Read on for a bevy of signature recipes from these award-winning chefs.

The egg-tionary

Shopping in the egg aisle has never been more confusing. Cage-free, free range, organic, farm fresh: what do they all mean? Read on to find out.

Free range fun for everyone

Click on through for a generous serving of egg jokes and more. Download our Free Ranger app and roam around the virtual farm, or even make your own board game.

What makes our hens happy?

Acres of green pasture, trees and play structures for perching. Plus a place to roll around in the dust.