Frequently Asked Questions

Expand What does a happy egg co. free range farm look like?

A happy egg co, free range farm is an expansive eight acres of pasture – the equivalent size of six football fields – for a flock of 16,000 birds.
Our hens are happy because they have the freedom to engage in natural behaviors with daily access to:

  • Outdoor pasture with established or newly planted trees from 10AM through dusk (average 8-9 hours per day)
  • Wooden perching towers and sand pits for dust bathing on the range
  • Pecking toys inside the barn, plus nest boxes so our hens can select their nesting box for laying egg
  • Clean water and feeding troughs that provide an all-natural specially formulated diet of corn and soy, enhanced with vitamins

Expand How is free range different from pasture raised?

We understand the confusion around egg carton labeling. At the happy egg co. we are classified as Free Range, which means our girls have daily access to 8 acres, which is equivalent to 21.8 square feet per bird. Although Pasture Raised has no current legal definition most egg companies designate their labeling by the guidelines set by Certified Humane and the American Humane Association. These guidelines include but are not limited to 108 square feet of total space for the hens, however, please know that 20% of this space is allotted to the hens at any given time based on a rotational pasture farming model. This means that the daily space per bird is actually 21.6 square feet.

Expand Where can I buy happy eggs?

To locate stores that carry the happy egg co. eggs in your area, please visit our Store Locator. Enter your zip code to see the retailers in your area. Be sure to look for the bright yellow cartons in the store!

Expand What do your girls eat?

The hens are fed a natural specially formulated recipe of corn and soy mixed with vitamins and minerals for the best nutrition for healthy hens and great eggs. (The feed never has added meat, bone meal, hormones or antibiotics.) Also, our hens roam on grassy pastures daily so they are free to forage for grass and bugs, adding more nutrients to their diet.

Expand What type of breed are the girls?

The happy egg co. hens are from a range of breeds that always lay brown eggs. Our first flocks are Bovan Browns, a hybrid known for its egg-laying ability and easy-going temperament. Most flocks are now in fact Hyline Browns, also a docile easy-going breed.

Expand What is American Humane Certified?

The happy egg co. is the first egg producer in the U.S. to be granted humane certification from American Humane Association. To qualify as an American Humane Certified™ the happy egg co. had to meet the program’s rigorous standards, including providing each hen with access to 21.8 square feet of outdoor space during the daytime, access to shelter at nighttime and during inclement weather, as well as 200 additional science-based standards. By becoming an American Humane Certified producer, the happy egg co. assures consumers that its eggs are produced humanely, under the science- and evidence-based protections established by American Humane Association.

Expand Where are your farms?

All of our farms are in the Ozark woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri. This region has gently rolling wooded hills for our girls, not to mention a mild climate that means they get to go outside year round, not just in the summer. The Ozark Woodlands also have an abundant fresh water supply and happen to be closer to the grain fields where we source ingredients for our hens’ feed. It’s actually better for the environment to drive our eggs to our customers than making lots of trips to deliver grain (they do eat a lot!). And since it’s only a two-day drive (in a refrigerated truck), our eggs are still fresh from the farm when they reach you. Check out Our farms for more information and pictures.

Expand How do you ensure your farms are working to your standards?

We select the right farmers to be with our “girls” everyday. We prefer family farms where hens receive more care and attention. In addition to inspecting our farms on a regular basis, we conduct quarterly audits to ensure the highest standard of hen care. In the rare case of an issue, we will work with the farmer to improve and if our performance standards aren’t met, they cannot remain in our program.

Expand Is your feed GMO-free?

We are proud to offer organic as well as conventional (non-organic) eggs to our customers. The only difference is the feed, our organic hens receive non-gmo organic feed. At the happy egg co. our number one concern is animal welfare. No matter the product, be assured you are receiving eggs from hens raised with the highest animal welfare standards.

If you cannot find our organic eggs in a retailer near you, please do go and ask your store manager if they can stock happy egg too. We even have a handy downloadable letter for you to bring in.

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