Egg Emojis

Help your shells egg-spress themselves this Easter with this fun craft project! A great little activity to keep everyone entertained during the holidays, all you need is a pack of happy eggs and a pot of bright yellow paint (pre-school will do), with Sharpies to make them into emoji.

First, blow out the contents of your egg by making a small hole, emptying it into a bowl and making sure to clean the shell. Don’t waste your delicious happy eggs, head to our recipe page and find something scrumptious to make with them.

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Evenly dip your eggs into the pot of paint or use a paintbrush to colour the surface, making sure you cover every part.

You might need a second coat to make sure the yellow really sticks but once your shells are touch-dry, you can begin creating those famous faces.

Using black, pink, blue and red Sharpies, give your eggs an expression. Top tip: use your smart phone as a guide to get the looks right! Or create your very own…

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Winking face, crying laughing, blushing, heart eyes or simply smiling, which one will you choose?

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Have fun! And a very happy egg Easter from everyone on the team.