What is #FlockingHappy?

The #FlockingHappy campaign aims to make every hen as happy as our girls because it’s our mission at the happy egg co. to offer true free range eggs to all consumers at an affordable price.

We only sell humanely produced eggs and we have a long history and commitment to animal welfare but we want to do more. We don’t just want our hens to be happy – we want all hens to be healthy, happy and hendependent!

Our 2016 initiative is to encourage everyone to Get #FlockingHappy in support of hen welfare. We’ve launched an online pledge in association with care2, a community of charitable campaigners, in hopes of getting up to 25,000 signatures from people like you, committed to making more humane purchasing decisions. Because of your overwhelming support, we were able to make a $25,000 donation to Compassion in World Farming, the leading farm animal welfare charity dedicated to peacefully ending factory farming.

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What makes our hens so #FlockingHappy?
Check out our henfographic below.

Here’s everything you need to know about humane egg production so you know you’re buying true free range eggs. By purchasing humanely produced eggs and supporting our #FlockingHappy pledge, you are raising your voice for animal welfare!

Happiness for our hens means

the happy egg company

At the happy egg co., we are proud pioneers of Hendependence: giving our girls the freedom to enjoy happier lives.

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