The Declaration of Hendependence:
Giving hens the freedom to live happier lives.

Hendependence is allowing hens to enjoy the freedom of outdoors every day, spending their days under the sun, frolicking through acres of open space, socializing and just doing what hens do naturally.

The happy egg co. hens benefit from the freedom to roam across more than eight acres of open pasture because we believe hens need to be outdoors everyday to be happy and healthy. Our girls spend their days flapping, perching, foraging and dust-bathing with plenty of clean water, highly nutritional feed and care from expert family-run farms.

The happy egg co. hens live on true free range farms. To us this means 21.8 sq ft of space for each hen, acres of space and added enrichment out on the range that they can enjoy everyday – most other free range and even organic eggs offer only 2 sq ft of space.

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We know unscrambling the egg aisle can be difficult but we’ve got our eggsperts on the case to explain, check out the videos below.

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This is True Free Range

American Humane Association

Happy Egg President and COO, David Wagstaff, was recently invited to the American Humane Association’s Congressional briefing in Washington DC to lobby for improved farming conditions and to represent our approach to hen welfare. The happy egg co. is dedicated to making humanely produced eggs available to everyone, and we were honored to be able to share our successful farming model with the attendees so that all hens can enjoy happier lives.

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the happy egg company

At the happy egg co., we are proud pioneers of Hendependence: giving our girls the freedom to enjoy happier lives.

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