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  • Our Girls are Famous

  • 12/11/2014

    “They taste better and make me feel good. Thank you for treating your chickens right, keeping them happy and producing great eggs.”

    - Jean, CA


    “We love happy eggs in our household. The flavor is rich and delicious! Thank you for doing things the RIGHT way.”

    - Ashley, CO


    “Animal cruelty is a big issue with me. Your footage gives me hope! I will make it a point to only buy happy eggs.”

    - Leticia, AZ


    “Growing up, my grandmother raised chickens and we always had lovely fresh eggs. Happy eggs taste just like the ones from my grandmother’s chickens.”

    - Alida, CA


    “With happy eggs, you’ll see the difference and feel better about what you’re buying and feeding your family.” Christina, from Christina’s Cucina

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    “At the happy egg co. farms, their hens definitely receive 5 star treatment!” -Catherine, from Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

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  • We’ve cracked the case

    Americans could make more informed decisions if purchasing eggs wasn't such a mystery



    of Americans think the way hens are raised, such as whether they are kept in wire cages, have access to the outdoors, or are free to roam, is important


    170 Million

    Of Americans don't know what the term "cage-free" indicates. Only 29% of Americans realize that "cage-free" hens may be free from wire cages, but have no access to the outdoors. Over one-third (34%) incorrectly interprets "cage-free" to mean hens spend most of their time outdoors and are free to roam.


    • Who's eating eggs?

    • 98%

    • Of Americans eat eggs, and one-third of these folks prefer them scrambled!