Where does happiness come from?

Our farms sport large open spaces, lush green pasture dotted with trees, and play structures for perching and shade. We make sure our girls have plenty of room to frolic – about five acres, or the size of four football fields.

You can’t beat nature.

Our farms are designed with the idea that our girls should be free to do what comes naturally. Read on to learn more about the fascinating behavior of the truly free range gallus gallus domesticus.


...though it’s more like “flap.” Have you ever seen a chicken fly across the sky? Of course you haven’t. But our girls do love to flap their wings and even get a few feet off the ground now and then. And with an average wingspan of 30”, they make good use of the 12 square feet per hen that we give them.


We like to joke about our girls being descended from dinosaurs, but their more recent ancestor is the Red Junglefowl. And our hens seem to be aware of this, because they love to pretend our farms are in the jungle, perching on everything they can find. We provide trees and shaded play structures, but we draw the line at vines.


A hen that gets to poke her little beak into the grass all day, searching the pasture for bugs? That’s a happy hen. And it’s also a healthy hen: the nutrients in these “appetizing” treats, plus their “grass salad,” is what gives our yolks that lovely deep golden color.


When it’s time to get clean, our girls have a rather unorthodox method: they roll around in the dirt. But it actually keeps their feathers shiny and their skin healthy, so we make sure they always have access to sand pits. Plus, we think it’s funny to watch, too.

Our Farms

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Prairie Rose Farm


Size: 100 acres
Location: Ozark Woodlands
Owners: The Schmidt family
Years in the egg business: 5
Funniest thing in the barn? The look on my friend’s face when a chicken flew up, landed on his back, and decided to perch there.
Best attempt at translating hen-speak: “Feed me!”

Sunset Valley Farm


Size: 80 acres
Location: Ozark Woodlands
Owners: The Xiong family
Years in the egg business: 8
Favorite egg dish: Scrambled eggs
If chickens could talk, what would they say? I wish I knew.

D&D Farm


Size: 24 acres
Location: Sulphur Springs, Arkansas
Owners: Doua Lee
Years in the egg business: 10
Favorite thing about free range farming: Watching the birds play outside.

Winding Creek Farm


Size: 20 acres
Location: Southwest of Buffalo, Missouri
Owners: Donald and Jewell Headings
Are chickens a little crazy? They do seem to think our heads are perches.
Favorite egg dish: Egg Casserole
If chickens could talk, what would they say? Something sassy.

Tree Line Layers Farm


Size: 30 acres
Location: Buffalo, Missouri
Owners: Sidney and Shari Hostetler
Favorite egg dish: Omelets
Chickens are awfully talkative. What are they saying? “I laid an egg!”
What does farming mean to your family? A good lifestyle

Circle H Laying Farm


Size: 46 acres
Location: Buffalo, Missouri
Owners: Jonathan and Trevis Headings
Years in the egg business: 8
Favorite egg dish: Pizza Egg Casserole
Please translate: “Squawk! Squawk!” “I just laid a happy egg – yes! Yes!”

All our farms are in the Ozark Woodlands of Arkansas and Missouri, for several good reasons. Like what? Well, this region has gently rolling wooded hills for our girls, not to mention a mild climate that means they get to go outside year round, not just in the summer. The Ozark Woodlands also have an abundant fresh water supply and happen to be closer to the grain fields where we source ingredients for our hens’ feed. It’s actually better for the environment to drive our eggs to our customers than making lots of trips to deliver grain (they do eat a lot!). And since it’s only a two-day drive (in a refrigerated truck), our eggs are still fresh from the farm when they reach you.

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What makes our hens happy?

Acres of green pasture, trees and play structures for perching. Plus a place to roll around in the dust.