The best eggs under the sun.

Our delicious, brown-shelled eggs are always from free range hens that roam outdoors on grass. We never use antibiotics or hormones, and we give our girls a vegetarian feed to complement their pasture-foraged diet.

Certified Humane

We’re proud to tell you that the happy egg co. is Certified Humane, a third-party animal welfare certification program. It covers everything from our hens’ living conditions to their feed to the expertise of their caregivers. It’s the gold standard for happy animals, and our girls deserve it.

Happiness is golden. A golden yolk, that is.

Eggs from hens that spend their days on pasture are naturally a deep golden color. Perhaps it’s from all that sunshine? Okay, that’s not the real answer, but it sounded pretty.

Why are our eggs brown?

Because they’re laid by brown chickens! Hens come in different colors, from white to brown to speckled charcoal gray and deep red. The eggs they lay are always close in hue to the color of their earlobes. We’ll wait over here for you to finish giggling at the thought of earlobes on a chicken.

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Meet the goddesses of grub

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The egg-tionary

Shopping in the egg aisle has never been more confusing. Cage-free, free range, organic, farm fresh: what do they all mean? Read on to find out.

Free range fun for everyone

Click on through for a generous serving of egg jokes and more. Download our Free Ranger app and roam around the virtual farm, or even make your own board game.

What makes our hens happy?

Acres of green pasture, trees and play structures for perching. Plus a place to roll around in the dust.