Tippy Toe Pavlova with Zesty Meyer Lemon Curd

  • Tippy Toe Pavlova with Zesty Meyer Lemon Curd 

    The secret with the Lemon Curd is using fresh lemon juice, but this one is extra special because we use Meyer lemons.

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    Preheat oven to 200° F


    1. Place egg whites in mixing bowl and start to whip at low speed for 30 seconds. Then add tartar and salt and slowly add sugar bringing up the speed of the mixer. Once all the sugar has been added, turn up the mixer to full speed and keep beating until the mixture forms stiff peaks.

    2. On a baking sheet with parchment paper you can either dollop your meringue mixture or pipe decoratively. You must make an indentation in the middle of the pavlova to place the lemon curd.

    3. You will place the Pavlovas in the oven for 1-1 ½ hours. The meringue should be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I find if I turn the oven off and crack open the door, I can leave it overnight and they are perfect in the morning.

    Lemon Curd

    1. Put all ingredients except for eggs into a heavy-bottom saucepan. Using a whisk, stir over medium heat until everything dissolves.

    2. Remove from heat and slowly pour eggs into mixture whisking constantly (this will prevent eggs from cooking).

    3. Return saucepan back to heat constantly whisking until mixture thickens. Do not boil. When it is thick enough it should coat the back of a spoon.

    4. When finished run through cheesecloth or sieve into a bowl to remove any lumps.

    5. Put into a container with a film of plastic wrap over the top to prevent a skin from forming. Then put into refrigerator until ready for use.

    Plating of dish

    1. Add a dollop of lemon curd in the indentation of each of the Pavlovas. Enjoy!

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    1 cup sugar

    3 happy egg whites, room temperature

    1/2 tsp tartar

    Pinch of salt

    Lemon Curd

    1 1/3 cups sugar

    3/4 cup butter unsalted (cut into pieces)

    2/3 cup fresh Meyer lemon juice

    Pinch of salt

    5 happy eggs, beaten