• Our True Free Range Eggs

    Let's just say the hens have found their happy place.

    Our farms each have 8-10 acres of pasture for our hens to enjoy outdoors every day. After laying their morning eggs, the hens venture outside to forage, perch, dust bathe and stretch their wings.

    Our barn doors permit full outdoor access. The entire side of the barn is lined with 6 foot openings called 'pop holes', which make it easy for our hens to come and go. Plus, our hens are given the Happy Egg standard of space - 21.8 square feet per bird.

  • We are American Humane Certified


    The Happy Egg Co. is the first free range egg producer to be certified by the American Humane Association. To qualify, the Happy Egg Co. had to meet the program's rigorous standards, which uniquely includes providing each hen with access to 21.8 square feet of outdoor space, available shelter, and nearly 200 more science and welfare based standards. This certification demonstrates the American Humane Association and the Happy Egg Co. share the belief that these standards do more to support hen welfare and are appropriate to claim true free range production.